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Job Opportunities

What We Do: We place weekend open house directional and text signs for many builders, apartment complexes, etc., in Delaware, DC, Maryland and Pennsylvania. You will place Weekend Open House Signs Friday nights after 5PM but before 8AM Saturday and you pick up Sunday night after 5PM but before 6AM Monday morning.

Openings:  Our openings vary from week-to-week. Please fill out an application with your location so we can fill our openings in your area. We have over 350 weekly routes.

Compensation: $2 per sign you place/retrieve – hopefully you will gross $25+ an hour. After second week we pay weekly, we are straight up, and require you to be too.

You Must: 

    • Be a licensed driver
    • Be insured
    • Have a reliable vehicle
    • Have an excellent sense of direction
    • Be available every weekend, that means 52 weeks!
    • Have a cell phone
    • Have a computer with internet access
    • Be reliable
    • Be self-directed
    • Be able to lift 50 pound boxes if signs are delivered to you
  • Be a nice person 🙂

DO NOT send a resume, call us or email us. We will get back to you if you fit within our needs.

If you can NOT answer the first 18 questions POSITIVELY, we are NOT a good fit for each other.

The work generally lasts years until the community sells out.

If you ignore the instructions not to call, or just send a resume and don’t fill out the online google form you are not getting the job.

If you are interested in a position and fall under all requirements, please fill out a questionnaire at: 

Click HERE for an online weekend job application.