Let Penn Jersey Signs take care of all your community signage needs! Our experienced team knows the best signage to direct buyers right to your sales center. From lot signs to banners, we do it all! All of our signs are custom so please call us for any quotes! All signs are custom made and quoted to order, please call us today for a quote! 610-808-6330


Banners are a great way to advertise and specials or events. Our custom banners can be made any size!


Community flags are a fast and affordable way to brighten up any entrance for your buyers.

Entrance Signs

Entrance signs are very important for every community. Advertise the community & price point to create buzz.

Sales Center

Sales center signage can be a great tool for any community for getting buyers in the door.

Banner Stands

Our custom banner stands are great for anyone that wants to have new signage regularly without long lead times.

Burma Shaves

Burma shaves are a great way to advertise any selling point with several messages lining a street. 

Brochure Boxes

Brochure boxes are the best way to sell your buyers when sales staff cannot be on site.

Community Maps

Community maps are a great tool to show buyers which lot they will be buying and where it will be in your community. They can even be used to direct buyers.

Lot Signs

Lot signs are an important tool at a community to keep up to code and all contractors educated on the lot/block information of each and every home.